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Get the details as well as rates available for Financing Mobile Home Park Loans from lenders that specialize in these profitable investments. We offer low rates, great terms and fast closings. We provide funding for large starred communities and small trailer parks as well. Our experienced and professional staff will provide you personalized attention and will structure a program that fits your individual commercial needs.

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Mobile Home ParkAt Maximum Financial Inc. we specialize in financing mobile home park loans nationally. You truly need a professional to properly represent your unique interests and prepare an application package in a way that will make the lender want to say "yes". You can refi to lower your interest rate, expand your business, consolidate debt and increase your cash flow for higher profits. If you are purchasing a mobile home park, financing your loans correctly from the start will help assure a successful ongoing business operation. Most of the money you pay out to your current lender goes towards paying the interest only. If you refi your current mortgage, you will keep more of your money in your bank account where it belongs.

With many years of experience, the staff at MFI has a thorough understanding of this business and can package and process your request in such a manner as push the lender to say "yes" to your request. Our staff prides itself on offering a superior level of customer service to every client. Whether you are looking into re-financing your mobile home park loans to lower your mortgage payments, pay your investment off sooner or to pull equity cash out of your equity, a Maximum Financial Inc. representative will be happy to assist you. We have the right financial solution at the right time for you.

Mortgages are necessary for businesses and individuals that are looking to purchase a property or refinance. Simplified mortgages makes this process quick and simple. Today, the cost of this type of real estate is high and most investors don't keep the cash on hand to purchase the Mobile Home Park. Financing mortgage loans is the leverage answer.

We understand your need for terms that make sense for your business. Finding just the right mortgage terms can be quite complex, but we promise to make it easy for you. We know that the more difficult it is to obtain funding capital and the longer it takes, the easier it is for you to get discouraged. We won't let this keep you from realizing your dreams of opening or expanding a business.

These properties can prove to be a very profitable proposition for the right investment opportunity. These businesses are a fulltime job and require a good business plan. They can require attention twenty four / seven. It also takes a substantial investment in the form of cash and mortgage. Maintenance, repairs, advertising, insurance and rent collection can be a challenge in the operation.. Mortgages are just one concern. Water, sewerage and utilities are important to the tenants and owners alike. Taxes, zoning, permits and building codes must also be considered. Funding can be obtained through either a commercial lender or private investor.


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Funding commercial financing on mobile home park loans is available for large and small communities.