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Learn how to arrange large or small balance Mixed Use property financing loans.  Programs are designed for purchase and refinance of typical real estate types located in most market areas. Program features small to large balance commercial Mixed Use real estate from $100,000 to $100MM.

Commercial / Residential Mixed Use Real Estate

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We arrange loans for financing mixed use property real estate that typically contains a combination of commercial space as well as residential units. While these are appealing to property owners because of the commercial income that they generate, lenders also like a high percentage of a property's total income generated by the commercial side. We will analyze your transaction and help you take the most advantage in generating the greatest possible appeal among the most competitive lenders.

Financing for Mixed Use property loans is available for most  commercial real estate property types across the country. Stated income commercial programs for this real estate does not require income verification and generally requires fewer documents than traditional bank lending guidelines.

Apply now for mixed use property financing loans and get pre-approved at competitive terms, interest rates and fees. If these commercial properties are set up correctly, they are preferred over other types of commercial real estate types by most lending institutions. Competitive mortgage rates and fees are only two of the many concerns in funding for these properties. Factors like fixed or adjustable rates, short or long term notes, recourse or non-recourse, prepayment penalties, lockouts and other factors all should be factored into your decision making. We will help you figure out all these things and come to a program that meets your particular qualifying situation and needs.

For clarification, this property type may consist of retail stores, dance studio, offices, warehouse, fitness center or any commercial business plus apartments in the same building or lot. Most banks and conventional lending sources all over the country often turn down small amount requests. Many times the borrower's credit is good and the property is profitable and well-occupied. They just don't want to handle a small balances. Because of this many deserving business people do not get necessary loans. MFI will work with you to close that small balance funding that others will not undertake.

These programs are a part of a competitive sector of the commercial mortgage lending market. Lenders want your business and are willing to compete on apartment with commercial type real estate. Maximum Financial Inc. creates a competitive environment by shopping your request for these real estate mortgage types to a wide variety of competitive lenders that specialize in this type of commercial real estate. You will know the benefit of our unequaled efficiency and service with a great program and with low fees.

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Funding commercial financing on mixed use property loans is available with simplified qualifying.