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Coin operated or full-service. Financing loans for car wash business real estate is made easy here at MFI. First of all, start-up or first time business owners can be a challenge to approve if the request is not properly packaged. Requests for loans financing car wash operations must be well documented by a professional commercial lender / broker. The risks can be high for the commercial lender due to lack of experience and a good case for the borrower must be presented. This means you need to have experienced representation with the right lender contacts that specialize in funding this type of real estate.

Funding commercial carwash real estate.

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The good news is that this type of commercial investment has an excellent history, and their failure rate is quite small making for a good, sound investment from the lenders viewpoint.

Commercial mortgage loans for financing car wash operations are available at terms and interest rates that offer the owner on opportunity to enjoy a good cash flow and monthly income. Attempting to obtain car wash financing loans can be very challenging without the right professional representation. It can also be very easy if you have the right lender that knows and understands your business niche and can package your request so that a lender wants to say yes. These very profitable business can be a part-time operation for coin operated, no attendant facilities or can be a fulltime responsibility for full service operations. Repairs, utilities, maintenance, water reclamation, advertising, supplies, insurance and other elements are important factors in running a car wash.

There are many ways to get a car wash loan for financing your enterprise. One way is to look at friends or family that may want to invest money. Usually, this produces little results and can be a source of alienation. However, an offer to pay a better rate than they presently earn on their cash assets could be attractive to them. The best source hands down, is a good creative commercial mortgage broker with numerous lender sources from which to shop your request.

A critical component in making a favorable underwriting decision to approve a request for financing commercial car wash loans is the debt service coverage ratio - referred to as DSCR. The DSCR is the monthly debt payments in comparison to the net monthly income of the commercial property. A DSCR of 1.20 means that they want to see a $1.20 in net income for each $1.00 monthly mortgage payment. The higher the DSCR is the more conservative the lender and the more difficult qualifying can be. Few if any will go below a 1:1 ratio - a dollar of debt payment per dollar of income generated. Anything less then a 1:1 ratio will result in a negative cash flow making for a very high risk for any lender and the borrower.

A common type of facility is the automated cash, debit or credit card machine with no need for full time attendant.  These are usually a pass-over or rollover type short tunnel machine. The equipment may be touch free or brush-style unit that relies on foam or fiber brushes to make contact with and clean the auto. This facility offers exterior only vehicle cleaning while the automobile driver remains inside the vehicle during the cleaning operation. The vehicle pulls up to by a push button control box where a code is entered or cash or credit or debit card is used to make payment. The vehicle driver selects the  grade of service and enters the tunnel. At gas station sites, the transaction may take place at the gas pump where a code is issued on the gas receipt.


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