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Maximum Financial Inc. has helped home owners find the best mortgage interest rates on home loans, refinancing and home refinance loans across most of the nation. Payment calculators and Good Faith Estimates help make the decision easy. Since our lenders compete for your business, you will get the lowest mortgage rates possible! Start your search here.

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We're offering refinancing mortgage rates for home refinance, equity and debt consolidation loans. Use our FREE payment calculators and good faith estimate services. Save by consolidating debts online fast and easy. Free Services and Special Promotions on Refinance Home Loans. Refinancing mortgages and Debt Consolidation loan interest rates are still very low. Good faith estimates are available for all loan types. Lenders offers home equity loans for any purpose. With home equity loans you can save hundreds of dollars every month, and reduce your taxes by mortgage rate refinancing. Good faith estimates are available upon request. Payment calculators can show you the benefits of a mortgage refinance. New equity loans can provide a financially practical plan for debt consolidation, home improvement, or obtaining cash for any reason. 

Debt Consolidation and Home Equity Loans are simple interest, first or second liens. You can use our mortgage payment calculators for estimating refinancing proceeds for cash to pay off credit cards, personal debt, cars, major purchases, taxes or any other purpose. You may also use your equity loans to pay for college tuition, weddings, vacation or anything else you choose. Free Mortgage Rate Calculators help figure it out. Requesting a good faith estimate for Refinance Home Mortgages as a Debt Consolidation tool is a great solution for dealing with today's most common credit problem. Too much! Debt consolidation into a home loan also offers a great tax advantage too.

FannieMae Conforming Loan Limits as Follows:
 1 Family Home - $417,000    2 Units - $533,850   3 Units - $645,300   4 Units - $801,950
 Loans over these limits are called JUMBO.

Lock in at current mortgage interest rates to protect yourself against a rise in market rates. Then... if mortgage interest rates decline, you may do a one time re-lock at the lower with no lock-in fee! You may float down your mortgage rate and re-lock anytime prior to final lender approval submission at your request!

Debt Consolidation Lender offers Refinance Home Loans to 125% of your home's value!

Home mortgages online.

We put the power of volume buying to work for you!
Not only do we offer aggressive mortgage rates, payment calculators and low refinancing fees on our good faith estimates, we offer no fee loans and are a wholesale mortgage-shopping network. We're on line with over 250 wholesale lending institutions. All the "Big Names" plus many wholesale institutions that only lend through companies like ours. We access their latest pricing in "real time" and can literally shop the entire wholesale market in a matter of a few minutes to find the lowest total rate and cost package available.

A word about NO COST LOANS

The term can be a little misleading. 
Here's the facts about "No Cost" loans. 

   There are certain services are required on ALL home loans. They include but are not limited to title search / insurance services, recording of documents, closing agents, preparation of loan documents, originating / processing the loan file and so on. Of course we must assume that none of these service providers work for free. These fees can be paid by one of 3 methods. 

1) Take a market rate and finance the fees into the loan amount on refinances.

2) Pay cash for the fees at closing. (Seller may contribute on purchases).

3) Accept a slightly higher rate and eliminate some or all of the fees involved.   A "NO COST" loan.

   Important to note. By taking a "No Cost" loan you have a higher rate thus a higher payment. There are circumstances where a "no cost" loan is appropriate. If you do plan on keeping the loan for less than a few years on average, the higher interest rate and payment could still save money over the loan fees. If you plan on keeping the home loan for a longer term, a "no cost" loan usually costs MORE over time due to higher payments than if you had just financed in your customary fees at the start at a lower rate. 

  The bottom line is nothing is free. All the ads you hear on the internet, TV and radio seldom tell the whole story.


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Refinancing home mortgages is easy with good or bad credit. Payment calculators and good faith estimates show how you can save. Refinance interest rates are low today.